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Taxidermy head of a Simmentaler cow


Stuffed head of a Simmentaler cow. The stuffed cow has been expertly prepared with great attention to detail and anatomy. We regularly have special cattle in our assortment. Characteristics of Simmentaler The Simmentaler or 'Swiss Fleckvieh ' is a Swiss breed of cattle used for three purposes: As a draught animal, for the production of milk and for the production of meat. The breed is named after the Simmental - the valley of the Simme - in the Bernese Oberland, in Bern, Switzerland. Simmentaler is light yellow to reddish brown mottled on a white coat. The cow is medium sized with firm bones and good muscling. It is naturally a dual-purpose breed with good milk production and decent meat production. The breed is very popular among farmers because the cows score high in all areas. They are calm and friendly, but vital. The cows are strong and rarely have medical problems. The cows calve naturally, without assistance, making them a very popular and animal-friendly breed. Because the build of the cows is so sturdy, they have a large feed intake capacity. This ensures higher milk and meat production as well as a good fertility cycle. The meat of Fleckvieh is of high quality because of the marbling. This means that there is a rim of fat between the muscle layers, which ensures that the flavor comes out better.

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