Clam lamp


Clam Lamp

An elegant Lamp … and a true Natural Curio! The Giant Tridacna, or Clam is the largest known bivalve mollusc. This edible shellfish is protected because it is an endangered species. Its main characteristic is its size which can be remarkable: the giant clam can, in some cases, hold the

equivalent of a human being! However, here, we’re talking about an amazing repro in composite material with a patina handcrafted in our workshops by our artisans. The 2 designs we’re offering, Recto and Verso, can be used together for a really striking Curios Cabinet effect! All our connections are in accordance with the European standard EU.
SKU: DAV200-E Dimensions (W x D x H): 55 × 23 × 60 cm Categories: , Tags: , ,
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