Mounted snow leopard

Very special stuffed snow leopard in quiet sitting pose. He was recently opezget with very good attention to detail. The snow leopard, snow leopard or irbis (Panthera uncia) is a mammal of the feline family (Felidae). The snow leopard's fur is light gray and sometimes tends slightly toward yellow. It has black spots on its body. Its fur is thick and silky and its round head is relatively small. Its body length is between 1 and 1.30 meters. Its tail is 80 centimeters to 1 meter and its height at the withers is about 60 centimeters. Its weight is between 25 and 75 pounds. The snow leopard can be distinguished from other panther-like animals in that it is smaller, and in that its tail is relatively longer. This tail helps him keep his balance when he jumps over the often deep gorges in the mountainous area where he lives. He also uses it to protect his nose and mouth when it is very cold. Its large hairy paws function as snowshoes, like those of the lynx.
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