Head of a huge Watusi bull XXXL

Mounted head of a huge Watusi bull. This Watusi bull was recently mounted and has uniquely large horns. The head is 147cm wide, 90cm deep and 135 high. The circumference of the horns is 50cm. The Ankole-Watusi beef, a prominent member of the Sanga group, is variably referred to as Ankole, Watusi or Insanga, depending on the specific region and culture. The breed is believed to be descended from the Longhorn Zebu, which migrated to Africa from India some 4,000 years ago, a migration that was crucial to the development of livestock cultures in various parts of the continent. The most striking feature of these majestic cattle is undoubtedly their imposing horns, which can reach an astonishing span of up to 2.5 meters. These horns are not only impressive for their size, but also have a functional role, including regulating body temperature through heat dissipation. Weighing between 410 and 730 kg, these animals represent an imposing presence in their natural habitat. Ankole-Watusi cattle are perfectly adapted to living in areas with extreme temperatures, where they must be able to cope with both scorching heat and biting cold. During the peak of the day, thermometers in these areas can read nearly 49 degrees Celsius, while nighttime temperatures can drop to an icy -7 degrees. These animals have evolved over centuries to thrive
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